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Market Overview:

Trading and Manufacturing sector is now become an emerging prominent sector of Bangladesh. Demand of full cream milk powder with absolute care of human health, Skimmed Milk powder, Sodium Saccharin, Tasting salt of different packaging sizes in domestic market and foreign market is increasing extensively day by day for many reasons particularly for :

  • Affordable cost of purchasing
  • Low cost of input procurement and processing
  • More consciousness about the improved life style
  • Improvement of Standard of living
  • Available infrastructural facilities for producing the above mentioned products.
  • Availability of financial resource at a cheapest cost of project financing.
  • Availability of technical resource at a cheapest cost than other cost.
  • Availability of cheap labor as Bangladesh is a labor intensive country.  
  • Government active patronizations etc.

Our target market of our products is different region of countries. Due to prompt  customer response, technical adequacy, meeting the consumer specification, reputation, Brand Loyalty our products are grabbing more market share in a notable manner.

Therefore existing company in the same sector of our country are not capable to meet the required demand. There is noticeable deficit between the demand and supply of the goods in our domestic as well as in foreign market. Keeping the view of such demand/supply deficit we are decided to expand our business by enhancing its existing production capacity. We hope this proposed project will reduce such demand/supply deficit.


Demand and Supply Forecasting:

  1. Products:                         Full Cream and Skimmed Milk Powder.

Annual Requirement:   90,000 MT

Supply : 30% of above requirement is being fulfilled by locally and remaining 70% is fulfilled by importation and 25%-30% of the total importation of full cream and skimmed milk powder is being performed by Noor Brothers Trading Ltd.

Use of the products:

Full Cream Milk Powder: Domestic Use, Sweet Shop & Confectionery etc.

Skim Milk Powder: Condensed milk, Sweet Shop, Biscuits and chocolate etc.


  1. Products:                         Testing Salt.

Annual Requirement:   10,000 MT

Supply: The full requirement of testing salt has been fulfilled by importation. Out of the total 35% is being imported by Noor Brothers Trading Ltd.

Use of the products: Basically used in Chinese restaurant, Fast Food Shop, General Hotel & restaurant even family kitchen also.


  1. Products:                         Sodium Saccharin

Annual Requirement:   14,000 MT

Supply: The full requirement of Saccharin has been fulfilled by importation. Out of the total 25% is being imported by Noor Brothers Trading Ltd.

Use of the products: Basically used by pharmaceuticals, Ice Cream & Confectionery etc.

Sources of Powder Milk are important because of its sensitivity. As a new company in Powder Milk category we have always given more importance about the quality of the product. Our quality control team visited the Powder Milk factory several times to investigate whether they maintain all the steps of quality production procedures. And we always prefer to import the powder milk from Australia & New Zealand      

Other than the Powder Milk we are importing so many raw materials i.e. Sodium Saccharin, Testing Salt, Tea, all types of species, Permissible Chemical. We prefer to import from some selective countries to maintain the quality consistency of finished goods. And the countries are:

  • USA,
  • Japan,
  • France
  • Germany




Packaging material is equally important to keep the quality of finished goods up to the mark. And we never neglect this side. We are importing most of the packaging materials from the following countries:

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • India